BoA to "Eat you up" in every country

BoABoA's first english language single "Eat you up" is set to release worldwide! This is a big move. The Crystal Kay and Hikaru Utada stan in me is angry they weren't given such an honor. BoA's single was set to release on October 10, but instead will release on October 21. It's not known whether her music video will also be available on iTunes, but it's highly likely it will at some point. Here's an official synopsis of BoA'a "Eat you up" from her official English website.
Track that stirrs booming energy, harmonizing BoA's incredible (sic) feminine voice to its fullest and creating a really cool cantrast (sic) to the agressive beat. Also BoA's superior dance and artistic sense create perfect harmoy (sic) with the music, presenting an impression as if the song is born for BoA.
The song was born for any chick who can hold a note. BoA's people have got shit twisted if they think that no other chick in the game couldn't do the song as good, if not better than BoA. Plus ain't a damn thing "incredible feminine" about BoA's vocals. She sounds sings like a chain smoker with a blocked up nose who has had their vocals auto tuned and processed.

It will be interesting to see how BoA fares when her single is made available. Her fans will undoubtedly download the single, but will she win over casual music listeners and those in the west who haven't heard of her before? Time will tell. I'm still not madly in love the song, I've barely played it. But I do look forward to hearing her English language album Look who's talking (when and if it releases).

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  1. I think it's rather odd that they have pushed BACK the single when it has been leaked, don't most artists push FORWARD their release dates if the single/album is leaked way in advance? Oh well...

    Loved your description of her voice btw!


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