Brandy and QDeezy

Brandy recently did an interview with music personality / presenter / actor (whatever he be doing this week) QDeezy. There's very little talk if any on Brandy's forthcoming album Human. But it's a fun and light hearted interview and Q Deezy is an absolute joker!

I'm tired of saying how real and down to earth she comes off in interviews, but it does have to be said. She's just real, warm and well spoken. Other bitches in the game could take notes from her. I love watching Brandy's interviews and this one was particularly fun to watch because of how QDeezy was a genuine Brandy fan and the way he and Brandy kept clowning with one another. I loved when he did the impression of the interlude from Never say never. That's fan love right there. I felt it, especially as that interlude and the song which follows it ("Happy") was and still is an absolute JAM! I still hurt over that having not been a single. It was such a hot track.

In more Brandy related news; a video for "Long distance" has already been shot. Hopefully it'll look as though it cost more than a valid parking ticket and mach the grandess of the song. Brandy's people need to push "Long distance" to the limit worldwide, because it has the potential to be really big across Europe. If it weren't for the currently airing X-Factor, Brandy could potentially have a UK Christmas number 1 with "Long distance". I'm still not sprung on the song, but I do love it. I love the lyrics, which I think could possibly be about Brandy and her daughter.


  1. Brandy seems like such a cool ass person to just kick it with. And she was funny too! This video is obviously slightly dated since the release date was still November 11.

    It's nice to see that you're doing a better job of getting Brandy's name out there than the damn record label, lol.


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