Brandy on Hot 97

Brandy recently did an interview with Angie Martinez for Hot 97. Once again, little info on her forthcoming album Human, but a cool interview none the less and probably the most in depth so far. (At least it will be until home girl hits up Oprah in November.) It's nice to check out interviews from an artist who seems so down to earth, real and articulate. Brandy doesn't do mad interviews constantly like certain artists do, so it's nice to finally revel in the ones she been giving as of late.

Brandy on Hot 97 (Part 1)

Brandy on Hot 97 (Part 2)

How the hell she gonna sit on air and say she's cool with her EX Robert Smith and not cut joints with him!? Brandy and him had MAD musical chemistry. Joints like "Feel so good" and "This must be love" needed to be on an officially released album. They were too good to just leak on the internet on the down low.

Brandy comes across so cool in interviews. She seems so genuine and real. She definitely gave depth and meaning to her album title.

Brandy also states in this interview that Human WILL release on November 11 and that the album is complete. This conflicts with many reports that the album will be pushed back. and that she'll be hitting the studio with Timbaland. But in the music game, anything could and can happen. Brandy could've left the studio and got a text on her Sidekick like: "Brandy. Your album is pushed back until 2009, love from Epic records xx :)". So we'll have to wait and see.


  1. She's SO freakin' likable!!! So damn cool, and she's a musical genius!

    I cannot WAIT to get this album!!!!!!!


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