Brandy plays her new single "Long distance"

The song sounds nice, but surprisingly I'm not overly blown away by it or finding it that amazing. But it has that big, midtempo pop ballad feel that has the potential to be big hit for her and has brought success to many artists over the past few years. Though it's another matter entirely if it actually will. I like that once again Rodney Jerkins actually came different for Brandy though. I haven't heard a sound like this from the Darkchild camp before. The nearest song I can pin to "Long distance" is something like "Come a little bit closer" from Full moon and even that's at a push.

I may like the song more when I hear it in full, but it's not really doing anything for me at the moment. Any song Brandy does that I'm not keen on, I tend to listen to over and over until I do like it. I stan for Brandy that much, so it could be a grower. I certainly don't hate it, I'm just not loving it. Thanks to Ralph for the find.


  1. You're welcome J!

    Yeah the song did the same to me when I fistr heard it.Yes the song sounds really nice, didnt blew me away like the others! I'm waiting for the full song to leak and we'll see.

  2. I think Brandy sounds really great on it, and it's so nice to hear her singing free like that. I can't wait to hear the whole thing. You heard the new Kanye snippet of "Heartless" J? That ish is HOT!

    I did have it on my blog, but these bitches deleted it!


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