Catfights and spotlights

Sugababes - Catfights & spotlightsThe UK's top selling girl group are set to release their sixth studio album (their second with Amelle in the group) Catfights and spotlights on October 20 and the above image is the album cover. With an album name like Catfights and spotlights I was expecting a really sexy, edgy album cover. Nope. We get this shit instead. Not feeling it. It looks like some 'greatest hits we couldn't be bothered to spend money on a decent album cover' bullshit. Plus they looked photoshopped to hell. I know the Sugababes are trying to come off all glossy and sexy now that the rough as a dog Mutya's no longer in the group. But where's that accessible, different streak from other girl groups they used to have? I'm just not seeing any more. Anywho. The official tracklisting has also been disclosed and is as follows:
  • Girls
  • You on a good day
  • No can do
  • Hanging on a star
  • Side chick
  • Unbreakable heart
  • Sunday rain
  • Every heart broken
  • Nothing's as good as you
  • Beware
  • Sound of goodbye
  • Truce
  • [UK edition bonus track] About you now (Acoustic version)
  • [UK edition bonus track] She's like a star (with Taio Cruz & Busta Rhymes)
I'm not looking forward to the Sugababes new album at all. I will buy it, because I used to stan for these girls and own their last 5 albums. But their lead single "Girls" isn't doing anything for me. It's like they've lost sight of what made them so cool and different in the first place. They're just another girl group now. I'm hoping this album will turn out to be awesome and surprise me, because it'd be a shame for them to continue to fall off like they have. But if this album is as boring as their last, then I think they'll need to call it a day.


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