Fantasia: the ghetto trash queen

Fantasia looking like trash Fantasia looking like trash
Clean up on aisle Fantasia! Ghetto trash is littering the area! Hood rat ho looking broad. Those are words which immediately come to mind when I see these pictures. Along with hurl, nasty and mess. Between the hair, the nails, the ghetto tatt on her left titty and the ill fitting outfit: Fantasia stood no chance. She looks a mess. She's turned it into an art form. There have been so few occassions where this chick has stepped out looking half way decent. Only a chick like The Forehead could somewhat get away with rocking this look on a red carpet and even she would do it with some sass and a hint of class.


  1. Somebody on singersroom actually commended her for "showing it if ya got it". She's got it alright, but it aint NOTHING to be flaunting! And god that hair...


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