I am...Beyoncé and I am...Sasha

BeyoncéWith Beyoncé mania in full swing, we have the skinny on queen B's forthcmong album I am.... Beyoncé's third album will be a double disc album drawing the line between Beyoncé and her on stage persona: the pussy popping, weave thrashing, whip lash inducing Sasha.

The disc I am...Beyoncé will feature the more Pop and alternative driven tracks. Whilst I am...Sasha will feature the more hip-hop, club ready tracks; which probably means all the tracks on it will feature nothing but screaming, handclaps, sound like "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" and be B'Day (part 2). I didn't see this coming. I definitely like the idea of this! The tracklisting is as follows...

I am...Beyoncé
1. If I were a boy
2. Halo
3. Disappear
4. Broken-hearted girl
5. Ave Maria
6. Smash into you
7. Satellites
8. That’s why you’re beautiful

I am...Sasha
1. Single ladies (Put a ring on it)
2. Radio
3. Diva
4. Sweet dreams
5. Video phone
6. Hello
7. Ego
8. Scared of lonely
9. Why don’t you love me

Producers on the album include OneRepublic front man Ryan Teddar, Stargate, Rodney Jerkins, Rico Love, Tricky Stewart, Bangladesh and Ian Dench. It should be noted there is no Timbaland. So there go my hopes of the Beyoncé and Timbo tracks I've been waiting for ever since Destiny's child's "Get on the bus"! Rodney Jerkins made the cut, but only one of his songs did. Again, there go my hopes, because I was really hoping Jerkins would be stamped all over this album. I love what he's done with both Beyoncé and Destiny's child in the past.

The album will release in 2 forms. A condensed single disc featuring 11 tracks and the 2 disc version. Beyoncé will also be re-release the album in February with the songs recorded in Spanish and will also release a DVD featuring videos to every song. This probably explains why "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" looked low budget. Home girl wanted to save pennies because she had to put money down on 15 future videos. Beyoncé will also embark on a 105 date tour starting in April of next year. Jay-Z best make the best love ever to Beyoncé between now and then, because he ain't seeing her jelly for days. I'd like to see her live. I went to see Destiny's child live during their Destiny fulfilled stint and loved it, so I'll be sure to check when she comes to the UK.

I really hope this album will be good. It'd suck so hard if both discs turned out to be whack. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the I am...Beyoncé disc if "If I were a boy" is anything to go by. That song grows on me by the second, I really do love it now. Expect to see Beyoncé EVERYWHERE and on every music related blog between now and the end of the year. Beyoncé will be so up in our shit you'll be able to smell her vagina and taste her weave.


  1. So, what you're saying is Beyonce is the lady, and Sasha is the hoe?


  2. Im MORE then excited for this record! She's Doing it really BIG this time around, and I really think it's going to be her last before poppin kids...

    That said, I'm HAPPY that Timbo Didnt make the cut (sorry J).That Dude just get on my f****** nerves!!! He's been doin the same shit like 2-3 years in a row ,I didnt want Beyoncé give this Cocky Bitch a chance.I hear what U say about the chemistry they Had together...but They HAD IT (in the past) I dont know for 'today'.So instead of a risky track (similar to 'rehab' or the others) Better not give him the chance AT ALL!
    Remember there's a re-release album, so both of them (Timbo and Darckchild) have the chance that their songs make the other final cut...
    The Darckhild that made the cut 'scared of lonely' is PURE FIRE!!! Beyonce SHOULD DEFINETLY put it out as a single. TYhere's a demo of the song on youtube, singing by a girl named 'Cristyle'! I can tottaly see Bey on this! Some say it was A brandy track at first And YES SHE WOULD KILL IT also. If one thing Im sad there's not more darckchild track on 'I am'.We'll see when the re-release comes out!
    And J, I dont know if 'I am...Sasha' is going to be 'Bday part 2' coz:'scared of loneley' is wayyyyy different then all the music from 'Bday' and so does 'Sweet dreams'(Known for 'Beautiful nightmare')...
    The album might be really HOT after all!


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