Leah Dizon calls shotgun

J-Pop chick Leah Dizon is married! After her concert in Shibuya she revealed to those in attendance that she had married the previous Friday! Her husband is a stylist with whom she's been dating for a year. The two of them reportedly found out Leah was pregnant and therefore decided to get married. I say they should name the baby 'Shotgun'.

I think it's stupid that people marry for the sake of children. Even if you're bang in love, there's no reason you can't wait. Brad Pitt and Angelina have about 100 kids, one from every country and they aren't married. Yet that shit isn't having any negative effect on their family. Maybe it's due to what Japanese society dictates. Who knows! But what I do know is that knocking up a woman is no reason to marry her. You marry because you love somebody and want to spend the rest of your life with them. I've seen this whole shotgun marriage bullshit go down with Japanese celeb's before and it always ends up with drawn out instances of the couple not being seen together, then living apart in seperate prefactures and then the 'divorce shame' splashed across the papers as the female gets given the harder time. I hope for the sake of Leah's child her relationship to Mr. Stylist goes the distance and they stay in love (if they are in love) and stay together. I also hope Leah makes a better mother than a singer.


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