Look at Mariaahh, face like she sucked a sour pacifiaahhh!

Mariah looking ragged
What the hell happened to Mariah!? Her face looks haggered out and the titties look droopier than normal. It's like ever since she 'married' Nick Cannon home girl has been living with "side effeeeeeects", because she was looking better before she revealed she was married to him. Mariah needs to sit down right about now. I had love for E=MC² and defended it on many a forum and blog when people tried to say it was shit. But she did herself no favours with her poorly timed singles, her sham quicker than quick marriage to Nick Cannon, whack music videos and horrendous live performances.

"Migrate" should've been dropped as a double A-side with "Touch my body", with "I stay in love" second, "I'll be lovin' u long time" third and then "Side effects". But nope. I guess her and Def Jam thought they could ride on the success of The emancipation of Mimi and that they could release any old single and push the album. But they were wrong. VERY wrong. Def Jam should've given Janet the time of day. Her album actually had the potential to go multi platinum and with her tour she could've pushed even bigger units - but they messed up big time. This is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket and focus on one artist. I Def Jam had given both these girls the time they deserved and the benefit of well made decisions, they couold've had 2 best sellers on their hands. But I guess they only have time for The Forehead.

Mariah's live messes of performances: @ SMAPxSMAP | @ 2008: VMA's Japan | @ Jimmy Kimmel live | @ 2008 Teen choice awards
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