Music video: Britney Spears - Womanizer

Damn! Did Britney actually go and pull a hot video out of the bag!? Uh-huh, I think she did! Britney was looking back on solid form. The video was very reminscent of her "Toxic" with the whole multiple Britney set-up's - one of which had her naked, the messing around with the main guy and the whole throwing him around in the bedroom scene. The fat guy with the glasses in the copy room even looked like the guy Britney forces into the bathroom in her "Toxic" video.

I also like how they threw in some real life Britney into the music video too. The scene of her driving out of control with her foot on the steering wheel with no panties on was probably video footage from a camera in one of her limo's. Her kids were in the front seat with no safety belts on, but you just couldn't see 'em.

The only thing the "Womanizer" video was missing for me was a full blown dance sequence. There should've been a moment where Britney threw DOWN! Just to let folk know she can still make it pop how she did back when. It's still in her somewhere, I'm sure. I just hope we get to see it in a future music video from her forthcoming album Circus.

Overall, "Womanizer" was a hot video and a MAJOR step up from those lazy pieces of shits she called music videos from her Blackout release. I liked the song "Womanizer" from the start, but the video has me liking it that bit more. Other bitches in the game are going to need to step their shit up. Britney on a bad day still manages to push units, but comeback Britney on the rise will shut shit down!


  1. DANM!! that video was Hot as hel!A mix of 'toxic' and 'sun of a gun'.

    Im still in shock of how she was looking: DAANMMM GOOOOD!!!

    She had everything,the look, the attitude,the energy.EVRYTHING was ON POINT!


    Im actually a little scared for Bey :-(

    Just saw the If I were A Boy Video! Nice story,But I prefer By far Womanizer!

  2. Somebody's a little excited, lol.

    Anyway, the video got deleted.

  3. "Womanizer" is a hot video. It looks like Britney got her swagger back. She's going to have to throw down in her next video. I'll let it slide for this one, but she NEEDS to go hard in her next one. I'm talking "I'm a slave 4 U" style.

  4. Finally watched the video.

    She still doesn't have it in the dancing department, but to be fair, there wasn't much dancing in the video anyway, which I don't understand. She definitely looks the best she looked in a long time. She was definitely steaming hot in the sauna! And that was one lucky guy in that video.

    But still a cool video I guess because it did remind me of "Toxic", which was a hot video.


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