Music video: Christina Aguilera - Keeps gettin' better

This video is just Christina all over. Too much shit going on at once and no cohesiveness. This video was whack and looked as cheap as her. If I wanted to watch a video of a white chick rocking different coloured wigs over a pop beat, I'd go check out "Womanizer" - which has a MUCH better video and is also a better song. Christina needs to go sit down and raise her child instead of releasing bullshit like this.

I actually liked this song after watching Aguilera mime the shit at the 2008 VMA's, but this video has me disliking the song again. She needs to kill the Lady Gaga look like yesterday. It's not fresh, it's not new and after one 'performance', a couple of trots down a red carpet, a photoshoot and one music video later: it's played out. Keeps gettin' better, my foot!

I won't be picking up her greatest hits, because frankly, none of her hits were that great or plentiful to even warrant a greatest hits compliation or a purchase. I'll download it for the new version of "Genie in the bottle" (which sounded hot!) and nothing else. She needs to just work on her new album already. Seeing as she's up for hopping on bandwagon's, she may as well work with bandwagon producers instead of avoiding them for the sake of doing so. She needs to be giving Linda Perry a rest and hitting up Danja, Bryan Michael-Cox, Rodney Jerkins and Tricky Stewart on their sidekicks.

See Christina Aguilera in action: @ the 2008 VMA's


  1. Wow that video is crap! And I think it's hilarious she's got a greatest hits album coming out. What exactly are these "greatest hits"?


    Christina better step up her game quickly cause the 3 'B's are their way to shut things down!

    'greatest hits'? ..LMAO, is she serious...


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