Music video: Ciara featuring T-Pain - Go girl

Ciara may not have the best voice in the game (bitch ain't even close), but I'll be damned if she doesn't compensate for it with some serious swagger. I have to say that the mix of "Go girl" used in the music video was pretty hot. That coupled with the music video itself has me liking "Go girl" that bit more. I still prefer "Work", but "Go girl" is doing it for me that little bit more now. As with the music video's Ciara did for The evolution, it seems she's pushing her femininity a heck of a lot more. She looked sexy in every single scene and I love how she kept opening the legs and doing splits on multiple occassions. The break down scene was hot and when Ciara took it to the shades and had her hands in her pockets, she mad reminded me of Aaliyah - an artist who she's channelled on several occassions in her music videos.

"Go girl"'s music video was hot overall. I loved how the chorepgraphy was really slick and didn't feel like it was memorized and then executed like some form of drill as tends to be the case with a lot of other female artists whenever they drop a dance routine.


  1. This is a sexy ass video! I always love how she moves across the floor in her videos, and those splits (the one with the chair!) are nice to look at any time of day!

    So this isn't the original version of the song? I was wondering why it sounded better. T-Pain even sounded tight, and I liked his dancing.

  2. the vid was aight, but I dont like the song AT ALL! soory...


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