Music video: Rain - Love story

Korean pop star Rain is set to release a brand new album and this is the music video for it's lead single "Love story". The cinematic, story driven music video premiered a couple of days ago. Take a look...

I liked the video, but I'm not feeling the song. I'm over these mid-tempo tracks with hard knocking drums and piano driven melodies that have been murdered ever since Mariah ploughed the badwagon onto the scene with "We belong together". The song actually sounds like a bad knock off of Elliott Yamin's "Wait for you". That snare must've been ripped straight from the song, because it sounds exactly the same.

Rain more often than not comes with some really good music videos and the dude can dance his arse off. He's not that bad an actor neither. I've even watched (and liked) a couple of the Korean TV drama's he's starred in. He is a decent and likeable dude who does his thing, but I just can't engage with his music. His voice is so jarring and his songs all sound like knock off's of what was played on U.S radio 2 years prior to when his bad knock off's dropped.

Rain's fifth studio album is set to release by the end of the year and is called Rainism. Terrible title, I know! It marks his first release on his own entertainment company since parting from JYP entertainment, who now seems to be putting serious focus into the Wonder girls.

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