Music video: Usher - Trading places

Damn. That video was sexed out! But it captured the song perfectly. Although I can't see many music channels playing it during the day. But with that said it wasn't grossly explicit. We see scantily clad ladies wearing much less and acting more provactively in videos than the fine woman did in this one. Shit, Madonna flaps her pussy around in tight leotards and insists on opening her legs and putting them around the back of her head, and that shit looks nastier than anything I saw in the "Trading places" video! Overall, it was a cool video. But I can't see myself watching it over and over.

"Trading places" is one of my favourite songs off of Here I stand. But I'm not sure what releasing it will do for sales of Usher's album now. There is zero hype for his album now. He needed a single with more impact. Although coming out with something this low key could possibly work in his favour admidst all of the big sounding singles everybody else is dropping right now. Plus no other dude in R&B has a single on the horizon as hot as Usher's. It's interesting to hear that the music video features the leaked original mix of "Trading places" as opposed to the album one. I always preferred the leaked version because the drums knock better, don't sound so muted and there's this wierd pitched out sound effect on every other kick that was drowned out on the album version.


  1. I wanna see Usher dance again.

  2. actually J, the video does have the album version.

    some dude just pasted the leaked verison over the album version on this video


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