New "I am...Sasha Fierce" promo shot

Beyoncé: 'I am Sasha...Fierce' promo shotThis picture is BANGIN'!!! THIS is how I like my Beyoncé. Lifeless. Dead in the eyes. Robot woman. Amazonian temptress.

Why was she not working this look on album cover!? Everything about Beyoncé's album is screaming budget. I wouldn't be surprised if the "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" video was shot on the same set as "Green light" a year ago on the down low and this picture was probably taken on the same day. I see the metal hand shit and back combed weave from "Single ladies" and those painful looking shoes and all white backdrop from "Green light". "Single ladies" sounds like a B'Day bonus track anyway. So I'm going to stay believing that she did all this shit at the same time. We know how Beyoncé likes to multi-task her shit.