Pink's performance of "So what" on UK TV show 'One night only'

Do you know what Pink just did? Shut it down. The performance was fire! She sounded better than she does on the damn CD! Though that's no shock - Pink always delivers vocally in her live performances. I don't think she gets enough credit for how she handles her shit live. She also looked great. Actually, she looked damn sexy! Pink's been looking hot and has been on top form in her recent string of live performances.

And a big 'congratulations' to Pink for hitting the number 1 spot in 9 countries with her single "So what"!! The song is currently sat on the #1 spot here in the UK for its second week, which marks her 2nd UK #1 single - with "Just a pill" having been her first. "So what" is a hot song and with the hot performances Pink's been delivering over the past few weeks and her amazing VMA performance - she deserved to go #1 without a doubt. This is definitely a good look for her album Funhouse which releases in a week. I wouldn't be surprised if she did big figures, because her last album I'm not dead was one of the best selling albums of 2007. I'll be copping her new album day of release without fail!

In more Pink single news, her second single from Funhouse will be the Danja, Tony Kanal and Jimmy Harry produced "Sober". The video has already been shot and was directed by Swedish director Jonas Ã…kerlund.

More of ya girl: Behind Pink's Funhouse
See her in action: "So what" music video | Pink shuts shit down at the 2008 VMA's


  1. Hey J, Junlee!! Whats up?

    Here's Pink's second single (produced By Danja)


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