"Rainism" teaser

Rain is really running with this gay vibe. First the promo images for his album 'Rainism' and now the music video centred around vampires, slow mo shots of him walking and his hair blowing, and lingering shots of Rain's mouth and eye's slapped up in mascara! His female fans must be LOVING this shit. The only thing missing from that trailer was a shot of his 6 pack and some booty grinding. But I'm sure the full length video will feature some of that. So female fans stand buy for your oopa!

The song "Rainism" sounds like some bullshit, like most of Rain's music. The beat wasn't knocking right and that chorus was a joke. But the video does look like it'll be a good 'un. The special effects looked really cool, the dealio with the red cane at the end was pretty nifty and as always: Rain dances his arse off. The song is garbage, but Rain working it in the video like the song is the hardest and edgiest banger ever somewhat sells the whole thing. He always seems to do really good (expensive looking) videos, but really whack songs.


  1. You may hate me for this, J, but... Rain is sexy. You're right, though; it's just his swagger that sells his whack music.

  2. I don't hate ya Brandon. I can see why folk would find him sexy. I would have hated you however if you said his music was good. *lol*


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