Rain's 'Rainism' promo images

'Rainism' promo image'Rainism' promo imageKorean's answer to Usher is set to release his fifth Korean studio album before the end of 2008 and these are 2 promo images from it. The top image is rumoured to be the album cover and it looks gay. And I don't mean that in the offensive, insulting term. I mean it as in it is actually gay. I'm not sure whether Rain was fully aware of how gay the image was when he posed for it or whether it was unintentional - but somebody needs to let him know. Between the Village people looking dudes, the Weather girls "It's raining men" vibes I'm getting from the Village people looking dudes in the rain and the Top gun look Rain is sporting - the whole image is gayed out from pixel to pixel.

The second image is just odd. I'm not sure what Rain's doing with his teeth, but it looks stupid. Plus it looks photoshopped to hell and back. It looks like a CG render of a character from Tekken 5 as opposed to a photo.

Rain's new album will be titled Rainism. I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean, but what I am sure of is that the title is whack. No definite release date, but it should drop by the end of this year.


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