Rodney Jerkins on auto tune

Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins has put up another exclusive Vlog where he touches on some factors thata re affecting the music industry today. The dude talks sense. Check it out!

D'ya know what the funny thing about these synth pop numbers and auto tuning is!? That Brandy and Rodney Jerkins did that shit 7 years ago on Full moon and nobody was caring or getting hyped about it. Now n***a's like T-Pain do one song with it and they're a mega super star. This is why people should keep their ears to the ground and be willing to embrace a new sound when they first hear it. Those who own a copy of Full moon need to go listen to "What about us?" Synth pop, vocoded vocals, variably pitched vocals, chipmunked vocals and auto tune to the MAX! Long before other dudes and chicks was even doing it.

Whilst I do want to hear Brandy's album ASAP, I think pushing it back would be a good idea. But at the same time I feel that if Epic records and Brandy herself had done more in the way of promotion and appearances, there'd be no need for a push back in the first place. "Right here (Departed)" isn't flopping because it's a bad song. It's flopping because Brandy has yet to hit up a show and perform the song, the video was garbage and it's not being promoted on any front whatsoever. Putting up a myspace page, the odd vlog and new pictures on your official website is not enough. Even chicks like Beyonce have to hustle hard to ensure she stays relevant and that people know she's about to roll out.

"Right here (Departed)" is done for, but "Long distance" has a shot at being a BIG Christmas single. It has that feel about it and so many people will relate to it at that time of year when we have time to reflect and perhap think about those we love who are far away and cannot see or even speak to. Throw some jingle and church bells in thats hit and you've got a Christmas #1 in multiple countries. You could add a choir too, but leave Brandy in the studio for 45 minutes and she'll put it down and arrange her vocals in a fashion that has her sounding like a choir.

The 2 or 3 singles deal is also a good idea. That's how shit used to be before we started to get 1 single and then an album releasing the following week. This is also how it goes down in Japan also. Sometimes an artist will put out 5 singles before an album. But the problem with this is that's there's no guarantee that any of those singles will do well and then it's a case of still pushing another 3 to 4 singles to have an album continue to stay charted.

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  1. He's still talking about it coming out in November. I thought it's already been pushed back?!

  2. This may have been filmed before the push back. In all of these Rap-up videos that have been posted so far, he's wearing the same thing. So it could well be he's already done all of these segments and Rap-up are rolling them out one by one.


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