Rodney Jerkins speaks on his re-uniting with Brandy

Rodney Jerkins recently put out a video blog speaking on his re-uniting with Brandy for her forthcoming album Human.

Rodney expressed his feeling on Brandy's decision with Afrodisiac, which is understandable. considering she pretty much kicked him to the curb in favour of Timbaland. Brandy was right in her decision I think. She said the reason he chose to part with Rodney was because he was giving every chick her sound, and she was right. After Full moon dropped every chick Rodney worked with was working that "What about us?" sound. Plus, Rodney fell off completely after Full moon. I was a hardcore Darkchild fan and even I turned my nose up at some of the shit he was putting out. N***a was a joke. He couldn't step up to the plate back then, so Timbaland did and a fine job he did too. Anything concerning that album not selling well or not doing well commercially didn't have shit to do with Timbaland's work on it, because it was some of his best by a long shot.

I looks forward to hearing Rodney and Brandy's new work though. If "Right here (Departed)" and the snippet of "2nd thought" is anything to go by, Rodney is back on his A-game.

Now for some bad news. Human has indeed been pushed back to December 9, which puts her up against and Ciara and supposedly Keri Hilson. I say supposedly, because we all know that any release date concerning Keri Hilson never sticks. Brandy may actually have a chance of selling well. It was a wise move to push her back, because Beyonce and Britney would've slaughtered her sales. If she releases "Long distance" in time for December, it could really help her - as it has a big pop ballad sound that will catch peoples attention and could really help her sales.


  1. And finally 'long distance'

  2. I personally don't think pushing back to December is that bad. It's just a month. I would have been bitching and moaning, however, if it had been pushed back to next year.

    Going by "Right Here (Departed)", "2nd Thought" snippet, and "Long Distance", this album is going to be brillinat!


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