Timbaland and Madonna pushed Pharrell

Image hosted @ Flickr by Random JPharrell apparently had only cut a couple of songs with Madonna for her Hard candy album, and Timbaland's boasting and Madonna's gloating of how Timbaland had done lots of songs for her pushed Pharrell into contributing more tracks!
"Timbaland was pushing me, he was like 'I like that one song you did' and I was like 'Yeah?' And he was like 'You gotta hear the album I did almost the whole thing' and I was like 'Yeah?!' Then Madonna kept teasing like 'Tim got more songs than you, Tim got more songs than you!' and I was like... 'Okay you aint gonna like me when I start turning green...'"
Madonna and Timbaland should've pushed Pharrell more. His contributions to Hard candy were much more on point than Timbaland's. Other than the amazing "Miles away", everything else Timbaland contributed to the album was boring and smothered in Justin Timberlake. At least Pharrell's productions brought a hint of that fun, old school Madonna back and were sonically more interesting to listen to. "Give it 2 me", "Heartbeat" and "Incredible" were hotness and shitted all over the recycled tripe Timbaland brought to the table.

I wonder what will happen to all those Timbaland songs that didn't make the final track list?! I'm hoping at least one of them appears on Timbaland's next album or we're fortunate enough to have them leak. I'm not a huge fan of Timbaland's work with Madonna - but it's probably sod's law that the tracks that got left off were actually the best of what Tim did with her.

You can thank Madonna tribe for bringing this tidbit to light.

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