Watch a dude put a rang own it!

This video I'm about to show to you is wrong, but so impressive you have to admire it. This video is a little NSFW-ish. Plus it may have your colleagues questioning you if they catch you watching it. Proceed with caution and open minded-ness. (Is that even a word!?)

That outfit hurt my eyes and was NOT sexy. But I have to give the dude props: he did the damn thing start to finish, nailed the whole routine, and didn't even look the slightest bit out of breath. He has gotta be a dancer.

It goes without saying that the "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" video was always going to get love from some gay dudes in the same way that "Get me bodied" did with all the dances at the end. Gays love them a good bit of dancing! But who doesn't!?

I also have to add that I now officially love "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)". I play it more than "If I were a boy" now. It is on repeat on my iPod most journies to and from work. It's just catchy and it's hard not to work a shoulder and bop your head to it when you hear it. I'm also still loving the video. So much so that I have it on my phone! I've watched it so many times I could probably do a chunk of the routine! But I won't, so don't worry. I won't kill your eye sight with videos of me in a one shoulder strap uni-tard gyrating and sing how I wanna a dude to "put a rang own it!".


  1.'s certainly not as pleasing to the eye at Beyonce's video is, lol, but he can dance!

    And come on J, you know you be in your room doing this routine with the blinds closed, LOL! :P

  2. ahahah LOOL

    nice nice nice... Wow! He's reallllly good. I was surprised!
    LOL @ "And come on J, you know you be in your room doing this routine with the blinds closed"

    Im a dancer (dont know if I told you guys that allready) but a hiphop one(new style--> justin/janet's style) Beyonce's style is litlle girly but still like though. I dont know the dance yet, lol, but there are couple of moves that I actually like LOL, and know in "my head".Dont have the time the practice them yet, but will
    comme on J bring on the moves :-p


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