Beyonce performs "If I were a boy" on Music station

Beyoncé graced Music station to give her first live performance of "If I were a boy". I was shocked to see in the opening titles for the song that Beyoncé isn't credited as a contributing songwriter. Damn!! There's a first!

For me personally; this song has taken a back seat to "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" as of late, but I still love it. This was a hot performance. I love how she took her arse to Japan to show bitches like Kumi Koda how it's done. Home girl thought she could sing until she heard this shit. Beyoncé has definitely sounded better. Her runs weren't all that tight or pitch perfect, but I liked that. It seems Beyoncé doesn't seem so hung up on us seeing her as this perfect performance chick and I'm liking it. There's something that's attracting me more to Beyoncé now than ever before. I'm beginning to think she may actually surprise us with this new album. I sure as hell hope so.

I would love to hear Hikaru Utada put her Japanese swag on a track this. The acoustic vibe would suit her down to the ground. She wouldn't be able to bring power vocals to the performance as B does, but she could flutter the high notes and nail this song me-thinks. Hikki, if you're checking this - hit a studio and do it for me! Chop-chop.

As for Beyoncé, I hope she performs "Single aldies" on SMAPxSMAP or Music station. They do NOT skimp on the sets when it comes to live performances in Japan. They have their shit looking like music videos with the way they fix up their sets and edit their shit.


  1. Damn, that performance was RAW and I loved every second of it! I liked the fact that it wasn't "pitch perfect". For this song, that's actually better. And...

    I would love to hear Hikaru Utada put her Japanese swag on a track this.

    ALREADY! She needs to do that and put it on her next English album! :D *crosses fingers*

  2. YES! :-D Nice performance.

    So J, you still think the album is gonna be 'B-day' part 2 or you've changed your mind? lol

    The funny thing is that at first 'If I were a boy' was my jam,But NOW: It's totally the contrary. I mean, 'IIWAB' is a really nice song, put there's something bout 'Single ladies'...

  3. *BUT* there's something bout single ladies...I dont know what it is, but that song is CRAAAZY!


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