Beyoncé's shoot for Samantha Thavasa

Beyoncé being the PR model for Japanese fashion company Samantha Thavasa recently did a shoot for the brand with SMAP star Takuya Kimura.

Samantha Thavasa shops are plentiful in Japan, especially in the Subway shopping centres. I saw shit loads the whole time I was there, along with Beyoncé and Solange's large print ad's, along with J.Lo's which also features her children (trust her to pimp her babies before they even hit their first birthday!)

The dude in the ad with Beyoncé may be an anybody to many of you not down with popular faces in Japan, but he is BIG over there. Celebrity endorsement is huge in Japan and this guy's face is everywhere. On the subway, on walks through streets, in shopping malls - you will see this guy on a poster at least once a day in Japan. He is that big. Even on the plane to and from Japan his films were on rotation. I'm not entirely sure he was needed on this occassion though. Plus him and Beyoncé do not look comfortable together at all. The final shot looks awkward.


  1. I've never seen so much Beyonce in my life...

  2. I'm in Japan right now, and I've seen these ads! I thought beyonce looked umcomfortable as well! Too much kimutaku I suppose.


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