Beyoncé's "Single ladies" skit on SNL

As Beyoncé fever sweeps the solar system, our girl hit up SNL and did some skits...

Already the "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" video is becoming iconic. I can see it hitting up one of those 'most memorable music video countdowns 'on VH1 years from now.

Watching Justin Timberfake knock out those dance moves was interesting, because even though he was taking the piss out of the dance steps, the dancer in him couldn't help but nail some of that choreography. He worked that shit out at the 2:39 mark better than Beyoncé!

Overall it was a cool skit. It went on for a bit too long, but the bit at the 3:57 mark was genuinely funny. Them guys violated Beyoncé's space in a fashion and her reaction to it was funny to watch as she looked like she didn't know what the hell to do.


Junlee said…
Her reaction when JT started booty bumpin' her was hilarious! XD
Anonymous said…
It was funny as hell :-D looool

Im beggining to think that video is going to be remembered