Brandy on-air with Ryan Seacrest

Brandy hit up Ryan Seacrest's live show on 102.7 KIIS-FM and indulged in what was probably the most in depth interview Brandy has done for her promotional run of Human. Not only does she talk about songs on her album other than "Right here (Departed)", and dating white guys: but she also talks about 'the car crash' - which she says inspired her to do "Right here (Departed)". It goes without saying really. Between the message of the song and the line: "Just when you think you're 'bout to turn back, scared you might crash" part.

Brandy also reveals that she actually hit the studio with Timbaland. Reports were floating around that Timbaland had reached out to Brandy when she'd already completed the album and as a result of that, his production wouldn't be featuring on it. But now we have confirmation that Brandy has laced the tracks. So this could be the reason for the pushback to December 9. I'll wait until we get a track by track blow of which producer did which track before we confirm Timbo's on Human. Because there is still a chance that his tracks may not make the cut. Brandy said she'd worked with him, but she never said his songs made it into the final tracklist. I don't want to get hopes up; but we'll see what happens. To have 2 producers who have given Brandy some of their best work on ONE album would be amazing. Fans are glad that Rodney and Brandy got back together, but there's no disputing she had mad chemistry with Timbaland too. And Candice Nelson did the damn thing witht he songwriting. So hopefully the Tim tracks had Candice on writing duties and we'll get to hear them. Whether they make it onto Human or not. Given Timbaland's recent string of mediocre productions my hopes aren't high for his contributions. But Brandy can have a positive effect on producers, so perhaps he pulled his finger out to craft her some solid beats which re-capture what made Timbaland hot in the first place.

I also would've loved to have heard what Kanye would have done with Brandy given his current sound. I love "Talk about our love" and "Where you wanna be" on Afrodisiac and was all over "Bring me down" from Late registration. Could you imagine Brandy on a beat like "Coldest winter"'s!? Dear God, she'd shut it down.

Be sure to give the interview a listen, you'll laugh, get a tad emotional, stan for her that bit more than you did before and wish her album was dropping in November.

Give it a listen: Brandy on-air with Ryan Seacrest


Junlee said…
Brandy hasn't had sex in 3 years? Shiiiiiit! **** Ryan Seacrest, she needs to sit up in MY room! lol

But seriously, cool interview, and it was cool to hear all those old songs.