Britney smoulders in new promo shots

Britney Spears 'Circus' promo shot Britney Spears 'Circus' promo shot
Britney looks smoking! She's sexing me with those eyes. Britney's paparazzi snaps over the past couple of years didn't do the girl any justice, but shots like these just remind me how mad photogenic Britney is when she turns her shit on. Pre breakdown she used to kill it with the photoshoots and it looks like she's back at it again. She's looks HOT in these shots. Darker, smouldering shots like these should've been used for her Circus album cover. I hate what they did with the final album cover. It looks awful. It's almost as bad as Blackout's.

Thanks to for the images.


  1. Damn you stanning for Britney right now! lol

    But she does look amazing in those pictures!

  2. You are definitely right about the Circus pics! They're awful! I'm glad Britney finally has some good pics here.


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