Crystal Kay performs "One" on Hey! Hey! Hey! Music champ

An old performance from Crystal Kay, performing her hit song "One". This song will never get old for me. I love it to pieces. It never fails to make me smile. Even when I'm in the worst of moods.

That performance was as boring as watching water boil. But Crystal looked stunning and vocally she was on point. She sounded as good as she does on the CD. I'm glad she kept the on stage movement to a minimum, because Crystal cannot dance and sing at the same time. Everytime she does her vocals go AWOL.

My review of the album "One" features on: Color change!


Junlee said…
I don't remember the song being that short. Still nice though! Do you ever think she's gonna pull a Hikki and have a major English release? She definitely has the voice and looks to do so. But I'm not counting on it.
brandon said…
yeah, too bad this is like the only live performance we'll ever see of her new material. man, i was hoping you'd come back from japan with the tapes of the color change! concert. you let me down, J.
Random J said…
I really wanted to check out her tour, but shit didn't work out. She performed in 2 of the cities I was staying in too. A shame that.


Epic are botching up her promotion though. They didn't do a good job of pushing her album or the tour to accompany it. They should've been releasing Color change! on iTunes worldwide along with "It's a crime" as an international single via download.