Gone for a bit, but back again

Sorry for the hiatus folks! I went away on holiday for a couple of weeks (which I'll be detailing over at my other blog for those who are interested!) I didn't realize until I was away that I'd forgotten to inform my Random J pop readers that I was taking off! I apologize for that. How naughty of me!! It wasn't intentional and from here on it'll be business as usual. And I promise not to leave you in the dark again.

I'll be playing a bit of catch up some of the stuff I've missed over the past couple of weeks, so expect to see a couple of posts which aren't super hot off the press new. I had access to the Internet whilst I was away, so I haven't been completely out of the loop. So don't worry folk! J is fully aware of whose album was released last week, who had their album leak, who has been performing non stop on every single TV station. It was hard to escape the fever when it was even sweeping the country I was in!

Expect a slew of posts to commence real soon. I hope my old readers haven't gone and deserted me.


Junlee said…
I can't wait to hear what you think about 808s & Heartbreak! :)
Anonymous said…
Apologie ACCEPTED!