How is this man sexy?

Lil' Wayne looking a n***a ass messI know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and that there are different strokes for different folks. But if any ladies (or fellas for that matter) check out this blog, I really need you to reach out to me on this one. What makes Lil' Wayne sexy? I'm looking at this picture and all I see is thugged out n***a mess with dreadlocks and a nasty amount of tattoo's. If I was to sum up the picture in one sentence it honestly would be 'Lil' Wayne looks a n***a ass mess'. The dude is talented and a more than decent rapper. But seriously: what makes him sexy? I know folk call out Jay-Z for being ugly, but in some round-about way I can see what the attraction would be to him. But Lil' Wayne, I'm stumped.


Junlee said…
Come on J, you know Wayne wouldn't be getting near as much (hell, any) ass as he gets if he wasn't rapping about licking lollipops.

This pictures makes T-Pain look good!
brandon said…
NOT sexy. N***a ass mess is accurate.
FokinRG said…
He's not sexy. He's creepy and scary. But hey! He has money and is famous, more than enougth for some hoes to sleep with him.

I think he's like the male side of those big fat black bitches, who wear circus like outfits with those nasty boobs and fat ass black legs uncovered. Showing those big bodies and there's still some niggas saying 'dem hawt'.

Same goes for Wayne.