Jigga and B on stage @ Power 105.1's powerhouse gig

Ridiculous. The both of 'em. Way too much talent on that stage. Jay KILLED it with his set and Beyoncé owned the whole 1 minute and 30 seconds she was on stage. She was dropping that "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" routine better on stage than she did in the video.!I can't wait to see her do a full live performance of this song. I know Beyoncé has already dropped 2 lead singles which feature the Jigga man. But I would love to hear Jay-Z spit a verse on "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)". He'd sound so hot on that beat.

Beyoncé also showed the crowd the ring that her man had already put on and the shit is HUGE! You can't see it that clearly in this video, but there are other videos on YouTube of this performance where you can see the rock clearly and it is a rock indeed. N***a was not lying when he said "That rock on your finger like a tumour. You can't fit your hand in your new purse!" He flossed Beyoncé the frick out!