KAT-TUN in Potato

KAT-TUN in PotatoDo you know what the worst thing about this picture is? These dudes think they look the shit! They actually think they look good. The only dude in this picture looking decent is Jin (the dude second from the left), but those orthopedic looking sandals just ruin the whole get-up. Junno also doesn't like this look he was made to rock, which may explain why he's giving 2 fingers. I always thought Tatsuya was gay and this shot of him isn't dispelling those thoughts.

KAT-TUN is one of many Johnny's groups whom I find overrated. There's barely enough talent between the 6 of them. They are personable, I'll give them that. Their interviews are usually funny to watch and the banter between them is usually so stupid, goofy and off the wall that you have to laugh. But as music artists and actors, they blow hard right down to the balls.

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