Music video: Mariah Carey - I stay in love

Boring arse video. Mariah tried to throw it back to "Break down", but failed hard. Mariah's videos are becoming as predictable as her albums titles were pre The emancipation of Mimi. Slow motion shots of her lazy arse lying down, miniscule outfits, scenes of Mariah trying to act, shots of her looking dead in the face and the adjusted aspect ratio which has her looking slimmer than she is. She did look nice in the video regardless though, even if she did look like a hitch-hiking ho.

"I stay in love" was a nice song and I used to play it a heck of a lot when I first copped her album. But it feels so boring now, like there's nothing left of the song to like any more. At a time like this Mariah really should've been rolling out with something like "Migrate". Mariah obviously didn't get the e-mail about fanga snappin' beats complete with synths and auto -uned vocals which feature T-Pain being in this season. "Migrate" is the kind of song that could be released at any time and do well. She even could've gone one better and had Lil' Wayne drop an auto-tuned verse on the track, because T-Pain's really is several bars too long. But for reasons unknown to me, Mariah and her people at Def Jam keeping cop blocking its release.

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Junlee said…
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Junlee said…
Yeah I saw this video the other day, and thought is was crap. And Mariah has always been the WORST at lip syncing when it comes to her music videos.