Rain's live performance of "Rainism"

With Rain's Rainism taking Korean by storm, the promotional onsalught has begun. He treated his fans to a live performance of his forthcoming single "Rainism" from his album of the same name. This performance isn't new, but I felt like posting it any way.

The song is still some super garbage, but that performance was hotness. It's a shame the camera men and the editors were such idiots. They keep cutting away and showing iffy angles whenever Rain was getting down. Rain's music is sub par to say the absolute least, but he has swagger in spades and the dude can dance! The performance above was actually pretty tame for him. He usually rolls out much harder. Maybe he's getting older, who knows.


Junlee said…
I've never seen this dude perform before, but the influence of MJ is incredible! But you can say that about pretty much any artist in the game. It was a tight performance though.

But wow, this dude cannot sing and this song is crap!
Anonymous said…
Mannn when are U comming Back J?

We miss U Dude...