Sasha Fierce on the set of "Diva"

In between bombarding the world with "Singles ladies" and "If I were a boy" performances, Beyoncé has managed to find time to hit her video shoot for her next single "Diva".

I can't believe she is releasing this hood garbage as a follow up single. The song is terrible. Don't you dare like it. You'll go to hell if you do.

Did Beyoncé not learn her lesson from B'Day and the "Ring the alarm" fiasco!? Releasing a whack Sean Garrett penned song as your second single is a no-no! Beyoncé should've gone with "Radio". That right there is certified single material. And that beat is so uptempo that she can pussy pop, trash her weave and swing her ponytail about her head until Sasha Fierce is blue in the face. Plus, in terms of live performances "Radio" would come off better. "Diva" is tripe. I'm not try'na see Beyoncé strut up and down a stage rapping and singing about some how "a diva is a female version of a hustla" bullshit to a rip off "A Milli" beat. The song is dribble. She should've gone with "Radio".

The video to "Diva" looks like it could be pretty cool though. I'm not entirely sure, but I think Melina is the director behind it. The woman walking with Beyoncé at the end of the vid looked like her. Melina directed quite a few of Beyoncé's cheap arse B'Day videos before everybody else (like Ciara, Keri Hilson, Solange, Lady Gaga and Ne-Yo) started going to her for their videos. Who wants to take bets on the "Diva" video being desaturated into black and white?

Beyoncé best release "Halo" alongside "Diva". She cannot release "Diva" on its own, surely. The sad thing is, that I can imagine myself swaying and stepping to the song in the clubs and enjoying it. The beat has a definite bounce and knocks pretty nicely, but the song itself is shitty because of the dumb lyrics and how B sounds on it.


Anonymous said…
Diva is seriously a terrible song! So many better tracks she could've picked. I really hope that Radio gets the single treatment along side of Smash Into you. Ego as a single would've been a lot better than this crap. I hate this song and no video is going to make me like it.