Yet another performance of "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)", on Tyra Banks

Just when I was starting to get tired (just a teeny bit!) of the "Single ladies" performances, Beyoncé switches it up by featuring 2 male dancers. Them dudes worked that shit out better than any of the chicks I've seen on stage with B so far. They even wore some heels! That was a cool and unexpected touch. The "Single ladies" dance is officially gripping the nation. Woman in that crowd were mimicking some of them moves to perfection. Everybody knows at least a small part of the dance. You can admit to yourself you don't, but you know and I both know you can do at least part of the dance. Heck, you're probably doing it now!

I've been wondering if Beyoncé has been singing live during her recent string of "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" performances and it's been tough to call. But on on this occassion I'm damn near certain she lip-synced at least part of the performance. That brigde section had to be lip-synced. It sounded EXACTLY the same as it did on several of her other performances. I thought Beyoncé was a super hero who could dance like crazy, thrash her weave and sing with an unwavered voice at the same time, but obviously not. I guess something had to give. Still a hot performance though and as has always been the case, she looked DAMN fine. She's been killing it with her get-up's and looks lately.


Anonymous said…
I was very surprised to see the guys. They actually did a very good job!

J, are U ABSOLUTLY sure she lypshiched some of the songs? Cause I still dont see it...Bey does not need that and you know it...if some parts sounded the same,I just because(I think) she does them the same way.That's it! Now you're telling me on the NBC show yesterday( she lipshynched also? Her voice wasnt like it used to be,She was a little out of breathe at some parts...
Anyways, I know I stan for Bey, but when she does things that I dont like I said it!

Anonymous said…
Seen some the lives..:-S And..U might Be right j lol
Junlee said…
You would think that Tyra would have some moves, but damn I was wrong!

Beyoncé definitely works them moves hard! Its really nice to watch!