Beyoncé caught up in ANOTHER songwriting scandal

'Beyoncé like it, so she gowna put her name own it!' by Random J [image hosted @ Flickr]Beyoncé has found herself caught up in yet ANOTHER scandal regarding a song of hers and the song writers.

Those of you who have heard the deluxe version of Beyoncé's I am... Sasha Fierce will know of the song "Smash into you". Well, it turns out the song was Jon McLaughlin's before it landed in the metal clad hand of Sasha, Miss Fierce, Mrs. Carter, Beyoncé - whatever the bitch is calling herself today.

Listen: Jon McLaughlin - Smack into you

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Listen: Beyoncé - Smash into you

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Christopher Stewart (Tricky Stewart), Terius Nash (The Dream) and Thaddis Harrell had always written the song, but not-so-mysteriously Beyoncé still managed to snag herself a writing credit, even though the songs lyrics were the same before the song even reached her. She's also listed as producing the song. Her version sounds the same as Jon McLaughlin's. Even down to the way she sings it. So what exactly did she produce except lies?

Beyoncé has always been known for this. The first time I caught of whiff of Beyoncé trying to scam writing credits was for Destiny's child Christmas album 8 days of Christmas. Beyoncé was listed as the sole songwriter of "Silent night". Needless to say that's utter bullshit.

Beyoncé's so-called songwriting has always been in question, but it's a joke now. It's ruining her credibility. It also makes her look stupid, especially when it all comes to light that she didn't write the songs she's credited for having contributed to. Home girl should've made sure all record of Jon McLaughlin having recorded "Smack into you" were wiped from the face of the earth and that the dude was dead before she surfaced her version and made like the wrote it. Better still, she could've been honest and just not been credited for writing the song at all. It wouldn't have made her any less of an artist or make anybody like the song any less. Brandy wrote just ONE song on her Afrodisiac album and only two for Human. But does that make the songs on either album any less amazing? Hell no! Does it make Brandy any less of an artist? Hell no!! It makes her arse honest, which is what Beyoncé isn't in this case.

"Smash into you" is still a stunner of a song. I actually like Jon McLaughlin's version just as much as Beyoncé's. But I feel embarassed for her that she got her name put down in the lyrics booklet like she wrote the song, when she didn't at all. It makes me question now more than ever which songs she in fact wrote. You can sometimes tell with Beyoncé. I bet she didn't write half the songs on the I am... disc. I know she didn't write "Sattelittes". The line "How can we love in isolation?" sounds too sophisticated for Beyoncé. And I'd bet money that Beyoncé didn't write "Halo" neither. I mean, if the song was shopped to Leona Lewis before it reached Beyoncé, then obviously the song was already written before Beyoncé got a hold of it and I doubt she changed anything, except for one word or singing an extra note at the end of a line. I'll give her the Sasha Fierce disc, as 80% of the disc sounds like the kind of throwaway garbage Beyoncé would and could write.

It's a shame this shit happens full stop. But it does happen quite often. Often when a song is recorded by one artist and then ends up in the hands of another; the new artist gets listed as a song writer, even though they didn't write the song at all. Whilst the previous artist who DID contribute to the song, gets their name removed as a songwriter. Artists with ethics and song writers who value their songwriting credits don't let this happen so easily though.


  1. Beyoncé was listed as the sole songwriter of "Silent night". Needless to say that's utter bullshit.

    LMAO!!! Now that's just shameful...and stupid!

    I like that dude's voice. He kind of sounds like Ryan Tedder, but a bit raspier or something.

  2. Mathew Knowles also tried to scam shit for Michelle, by having her listed as one of the songwriters of "O' Holy night" too. It's beyond a joke, because Beyonce blatantly didn't write "Silent night" and Michelle sho' as hell didn't write "O' holy night".

  3. He obviously thinks the public is either brain dead or just doesn't read the credits. Because saying them girls wrote songs like "Silent Night" and "O Holy Night" is like saying I wrote "Billie Jean". It just didn't happen!

  4. well i know that the song halo was given to beyonce because the songwriter knew that beyonce would sing it better than leona lewis. its been all over the web, the radio, the t.v.,etc. obviosly this person who wrote this needs to go and research all of the information before they go runnin their big olr mouth bout nothin. to the person who wrote this:Get your facts straight before you decide to try and scandalize someone as famous as BEYONCE ok thanks alot and even an idiot would know that there was nothing wrong with someone singing the same song. all they had to do was get the copywrite duuuhhh!!! And on the contray with the bullcrap about silent can put your name on there because se probably made up the actual extra notes. and seriously WHO KNOWS WHO WROTE SILENT NIGHT. dont ever try to step on beyonce's game cause it just wont work. SHE'S FLAWLESS SO GET USED TO IT!!!!

  5. Okay. I see I'm going to have to regulate a stan up in here...

    I know damn well that "Halo" was given to Beyoncé. And that's the issue. The song was already written before Beyoncé had gotten it, so how could she have written the song? Plus, Leona was given first dibs on "Halo", but refused it as she felt it didn't suit her voice. Ryan Teddar approached Leona FIRST. Get it right.

    "Silent night" is 100% not written by Beyoncé. That is FACT. You can stan for Beyoncé all you like - but the song existed before she was even born. So please tell me how she could've written it? I supposed you're going to tell me that she kicked it with Jesus in Bethlehem too? Nobody knows exactly who wrote "Silent night", which is why the writer should've been listed simply as "Traditional" and not "B. Knowles". Adding extra notes to a song and oversinging it doesn't make you the songwriter of it. Beyoncé should've been listed as the vocal arranger of her rendition of "Silent night", not the songwriter.

    I also stated there's no problem with an artist being given a song that was given to another artist. The problem is taking credit for the song when you had nothing to do with writing it. "Smack into you" was written before Beyoncé got it. It's clear from the fact Jon McLaughlin recorded it. The only difference is in the word 'smack' being replaced to 'smash'. So please tell which part of the song Beyoncé wrote!?

    There's nothing wrong with being a fan of an artist. But you can't justify the way Beyoncé has taken credit for songs she clearly did NOT write.

  6. A damn fine regulation that was!

  7. Beyoncé will always be the best

  8. ....."The U.S Justice Department should open a investigation of singers & copy write Infringment...A.S.A.P.......Enough is Enough!!!!!!


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