Brandy on BET's special

BET dedicated an entire show to Brandy titled Just Human, where she performed 5 of her hit songs for an intimate audience consisting of her biggest fans. The video is long. So play the video and then immediately pause it to give it time to buffer and then play it - this'll prevent you stopping and starting the video mid song as you're getting your Brandy bounce on. Brandy fans be sure to check this out, Brandy does not play...

AMAZING performances. I actually sat at my computer and clapped after I watched that. Brandy did the damn thing. As a fan I'm so happy to finally see her perform live after so long. Not only new material, but some of the old too. She didn't do many performances of "What about us?" and "Full moon" during that album's run due to usual lack of promotion when it comes to her albums and then falling pregnant with her daughter. So it was great to hear them again. They still sound as hot now as they did back in 2001, which sums up Brandy's music: timeless.

That was her best string of performances to date. I'm glad Brandy is back on her grind again. She genuinely looked like she was having fun and was happy to be back on stage. She sounded better doing those songs live than she does on the CD's and you can't say that about many live performances that artists give these days. Especially not bitches like Britney, who just plays the CD whilst she walks up and down stages.

Human isn't selling brilliantly right now, but I didn't expect it to. Not when it's only NOW that she's putting in appearances on TV and promoting her music. Had she done this several weeks ago, it may have been a different story. It's a shame Brandy isn't doing big sales figures and doesn't have that mega star pulling power, because I'd love for her to tour.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Human if you haven't already. I know I gave the album a not so glowing rating, but I do think highly of Brandy's latest. I went out and bought it day of release and have been playing several songs off of it non-stop. She delivered a CD of really good, introspective songs with a nice accessible pop edge and near flawless vocals. Not my favourite Brandy album (as least not yet...), but it's an album which reflects her current life situation well, shows she's a grown woman.

The music videos: Right here (Departed) | Long distance
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  1. My favorite was "Almost Doesn't Count". She sounded INCREDIBLE!

  2. What About Us for the win. That was my s*** in 11th grade, lol.


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