Brandy's live performance on the Today show

She actually sang live, something I questionned during her appearance on TRL. It's been a while since Brandy sung live, but she sounded good. The rendition of the song and the performance as a whole wasn't all that captivating though. I wasn't really feeling it. The sound levels on the backing singers was too low (possibly due to dodgy sound setup, as Brandy's mic played up at the start of the performance) and that band was not tight what-so-ever. The beat didn't knock hard and the mesmerizing piano was barely audible. The whole thing could've been better and she definitely could've gotten away with performing a different song. "Right here (Departed)" is old news now.

For me, "Right here (Departed)" has taken a back seat to many off the other songs on Human. I can't even listen to it now. It serves me right: I played it beyond death for weeks on end. This was bound to happen.

Brandy's album is available now. So Brandy fans, be sure to support her and pick up a copy. It's a really nice album, if a littleunderwhelmin in comparison to her past efforts. Plus, she's gonna need all the help she can get.

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