Brandy's performances on Tyra

Brandy appeared on Tyra's show and graced the audience with 2 performances of her first 2singles from her fifth studio album Human. If Brandy was pulling out performances of this song 2 months ago, things would've been different. But I guess it's better late than never.

Right here (Departed)

Long distance

Did you hear that my friends? That was the sound of Brandy...singing live and shutting it down! I just fell in love with "Right here (Departed)" all over again. She sounded on POINT in that performance. I may rip this and put this on my mp3 player, because I don't think I can listen to the album version after that warm, textured and heart felt performance she put on. I love how Brandy was working the swagger too. It truly has been too long since I saw a good performance from Brandy. Her "Long distance" performance was also a stunner. It was pretty much flawless. I also loved how she said the song is about her daughter. I knew it from the second I heard the song, but it was nice to hear Brandy say it.

Brandy also looked amazing. She looked wholesome, beautiful and sexy all at the same time. She truly looked every inch the complete woman. I don't think she's ever looked as good as she did in these performances. She needs to be sticking with that weave look right there, because it suits her perfectly. I love how despite roking a simple look and dropping simple performances, Brandy made other chicks in the game look stupid.

The music videos: Right here (Departed) | Long distance
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  1. I got chills from that "Long Distance" performance, during the bridge with her hair just blowin' in the wind. And I can't believe how STUNNING Brandy was lookin' in those performances.!

    When she walked into the crowd during "Right Here (Departed)" and revealed them legs in them boot things, I bout died because of how fine she looked!


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