Beyoncé performs "Halo" at the NAACAP awards

I was wondering when the Beyondroid would grace us with a performance of "Halo". I feel like I've been waiting forever!

Really nice. I noticed how the song was taken down a key and the fluttering highs during the start of the second verse were ducked out on. But still, The Beyondroid did good. She even managed to muster a few tears. Although those could be because she was upset over being told to perform "Halo" instead of "Diva". We all know The Beyondroid is more at home when she's trashing her weave in heels, an asymmetrical leotard and brandishing her metal gauntlet glove thingy on her left hand.

As terrible a song as "Diva" is, I have this ridiculous love for it and really do want to see her perform it live.


  1. I keep rewinding the part where she gets teary eyed. It's nice to see her showing emotion. She also seemed to step her vocals up after that part. I like this song.

    I too would like to see her perform "Diva" just to see how far she would go. Hopefully she wouldn't follow that crap video though.


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