Bonus material: Crystal Kay - Suki

Bonus material: Crystal Kay - SukiI always hate it when shit like this happens. A B-side song features on an A-side single which should've been placed on an album, but for whatever reason, wasn't. The song in this case is Crystal Kay's "Suki", which featured on the CD release of her 2008 single "One".

Check it out: Suki
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Crystal hits us with an electro pop jam that feels very now and relevant, yet new for her. Crystal hasn't really done a song like this before. Not only do I admire her for tackling something new, but I love her for bringing hotness along with it. Crystal has always said Janet Jackson has been a huge influence on her music and "Suki" cements that, as it sounds like something Janet would've done. My only nags? The song goes on for a bit too long and the bridge section doesn't work. But other than that, I love the vibe and the bounce the song has.

It's a shame this song didn't feature on Color change!, as I love the new style and it would've complimented a couple of the songs on it. Namely "It's a crime".

Reviews of a couple of Crystal's albums: All yours | Color change!


  1. I love it. I still think that Crystal could be hot over here in the west. I think songs like this and "It's a crime" prove it. She has the voice, looks, and a nice little ring to her name that people would remember. Crystal Kay. Ah! Probably won't happen, but one can hope!

    I do agree that it drags a little bit. It could have even ended shortly after that cool part with her voice being distorted at 2:02. Short, but sweet!

  2. Yeah, I took out Shining from the tracklist and added 恙恍 and Girl Move On instead. I think it's nice to get nice B-sides that aren't included on the album; the more CKay, the better.


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