Kumi performs "Bling bling bling" on Hey! Hey! Hey!

Kumi Koda channelled her inner hustler (or according to Beyonce, her inner "Diva") to deliver a performance of a song lifted from her Trick album on 'Hey! Hey! Hey! Music champ'.

"Bling bling bling" is some straight garbage. Awful. It made Beyoncé's "Diva" sound like the hottest record of the decade. But I'd expect no better from Kumi Koda. Whenever she works the US urban angle her results are more often than not off target. The sound is so forced and cliched and Kumi doesn't sound sexy at all. Between the chronic Engrish and her constants moans and "Uh-huh"'s she sounds like an idiot. The lack of a decent beat also doesn't help her cause. And the look she was sporting: again...was not helping the cause. Cornrows are not her friend. She should stick to the straight weaves, heels, cute dresses and decorative press on nails.

The performance itself wasn't bad. She sang (shouted?) live and the dancers kept things interesting, but the song was so bad I found it hard to watch. Had she came out on stage wearing something skimpy and kept opening her legs (I'm surprised she didn't), she may have been able to have held my interest for a bit longer. But the forced hoodnicity of the performance was boring to watch.


  1. Around 1:10 mark, I couldn't suppress my fit of laughter any longer!


  2. i actually watched this last week in an attempt to gauge whether or not Trick! was worth listening to. i'm sure you can contain your surprise when i tell you that i left around the 1:30 mark and never looked back. shit is a joke.


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