Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - Rule

The video was boring. It had a great concept, but was just boringly done. For a song so loud and energetic, the video seemed to lack impact and I always thought the song would've been better in the hands of Kumi Koda and the same goes for the video treatment. Kumi has that swagger that would've given this video more impact. Plus, she would've danced a heck of a lot more and also nailed the choreography. Everything concerning how Ayumi 'Robot face' Hamasaki was working it in the video was half-arsed. She looked nice in the video though. I was feeling the hair do. The get-up wasn't as sexy as it could've been, because her body wasn't filling it out right. But she did look hot all the same.

The low down on the song: Ayumi's theme for Dragonball evolution


  1. It was very odd to watch Ayumi sing during the verses when her whole voice was electricfied - it didn't look right. Plus for a rock-empowered song I was expecting more energy, or karate action going on....but nah, completely agree with you - lacking on both accounts.

    My friend has been trying to get me into Ayumi for a while as she knows I like Utada, but I dunno. I like the fact that Ayumi writes her won stuff, but her music seems to be hit and miss.

    Btw; many thanks for commenting on my LJ, I really appriciate it. I did comment back but I just thought I'd say thanks again :-)

  2. I'm not a fan of Robot face's music, but I also respect the fact she writes her own material. She's one of the few big selling female artists in Japan that does, along with our girl Hikaru Utada.

    I just find her over rated though. She spreads herself too thinly, which is what causes me to get so sick of her. She always has an album or a single on the go. There's rarely a moment she's not plugging something. The same goes for Kumi Koda and also BoA. (There must be something in the water at AvexTrax!)

    The only one Robot face song I genuinely really, really liked was "Real me". That was a great song, which I've listened to consistently over the past few years. But nothing else she's done has stuck out to me.

    As for the comments: no probs! I should be thanking you! ;)

  3. You would think that they would incorperate SOME Dragonball into it. Boring.

  4. That was pretty boring. They should have chosen someone who could've danced it up as you've said. I don't even like this song and I'm a fan lol.


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