Music video: Daichi Miura featuring Kreva - Your love

This song is cliched and nothing new under the sun: working the mid-tempo vibe and stuttered trance style synths that have been rinsed like mouthwash ever since Justin Timberlake's "My love" swaggered onto the scene. We even get the now over-used auto tune thrown in for good measure! But I'm still liking "Your love". It's real nice. The track is produced by Nao'ymt, who I became a fan of when he began writing and producing for Namie Amuro. He manages to stay on trend with his productions without the end results sounding too forced and whacked out. He's also one of the few J-R&B producers who also writes songs.

Daichi Miura is one bad arse dancer. But this music video doesn't really showcase that, which is a shame. The video was dissapointing as a whole. I think a more original concept could've been used, as it would've helped everything come together to feel more unique. To have a song sport a sound everybody has heard before and a video concept that everybody has seen before, it'd be easy to understand why many would pass on the package and write it off.


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