Music video: Enrique Iglesias featuring Ciara - Taking back my love

Enrique Iglesias and Ciara is an odd combination, but some how it works. In the same way that Enrique and Kelis some how worked. Enrique and Ciara were working the chemistry. It was electric! From 2:50 onwards, their shit just sizzled. Their little entertwined dance where Ciara took it down on Enrique and he caressed her left titty and booty was just 'Wow!' I'm not sure what it is about Ciara, but she always seems to just look at ease and have some form of chemistry with dudes she works with in music videos. It's definitely a strong quality of hers. Speaking of Ciara, she looked FOINE in this video. I hate her Rottweiler coloured weave, and the part where Ciara was clutching the wall and shaking it like she had a spider in it was wierd: but she still looked hot.

I didn't think I'd like the song initially, but I actually think it's pretty hot song. It has more impact than any of Ciara's singles have had so far and has that mainstream, danceable, club ready bounce her Fantasy ride singles have lacked so far. She should've rallied to have this be a single of hers too considering she shares equal mic time with Enrique and wrote her own verse.

I already see that RedOne is becoming the new producer of the moment. Especially with Lady GaGa blowing up the scene in the West with her songs "Just dance" and "Poker face" - both of which are productions of RedOne. Though I have to say his best production has to be Brandy's "True", purely because it shows him working a different style. As most of his more popular productions sound the same.


  1. This video wasn't nothin' but them taking turns breaking shit, with a little sexiness in between. Ciara's little move when she dipped it low was hot.

  2. never realized how sexy ciara was lol
    but her singing wasn't that great

  3. do not forget that RedOne produced all of Kat Delunas hit singles too..way before Gaga.."Whine Up", "Run The Show" :)

  4. Yeah, I know. But his work with Lady GaGa is RedOne's most commercially successful ("Just dance" hit the #1 spot in the UK and the US) and is probably what's going to get him a string of production gigs from here on out.

  5. damn now i have to DL kat deluna's album. aside from GaGa, all I've heard from RedOne was NKOTB and Brandy's "True", and that Menudo track

    he doesn't even need the artists to shout his name, though, cuz he has that horn goin in most of his tracks so we know it's him

  6. lol run the show is my ish now. sounds like something CK needs to break in with

  7. My fave track on Kat DeLuna's album was "In the end". RedOne KILLED it with the production on that and Kat did with the vocals too. It's a shame it wasn't made a single until it was too late. It could've done big things for her worldwide. It should've been her 1st or 2nd single. "Calling you" was a jam too, but Lord knows what happened to that.


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