Music video: Jang Geun Suk - Touch holic (Yepptic & haptic love)

Korean actor turned pop star Jang Geun Suk has released a digital single titled "Touch holic (Yepptic & haptic love), along with a cool music video. I have to say, it's refreshing to see a music video for a club track which has such a cool story.

Korea and Japan be KILLING the auto tune right now. More so than folk in the West. It's ridiculous! The song sounds like it was done by adhering to the book of "How to make a record by T-Pain". The video was great though: really funny and sweet. The blatant Samsung product placement leads me to believe the song is a tie in with the phone shown. There were so many close ups of it. Plus, you got the song which spouts lyrics centred around touch and haptics.

The girl in the video is so sickly cute that the sick side of me wants to taint that cuteness with the rawest sex ever. I'd make her keep the hat and wellies on, because let's face it: she was working the hell out of them.

The song is just okay and pretty generic. But the video lifts the song a great deal. It would've been easy to have gone with your bog standard street dancing intercut with shots of a fine looking girl in a dress, with her hair blowing about the place. So Jang gets props for the video.


  1. I like the song, but the video seems like an extended Samsung commercial for that phone, lol.

    And that girl is really cute and innocent looking. You comment about her made me laugh, lol.


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