Music video: Jennifer Hudson - If this isn't love

Straight whack. What was with the miscellaneous dancers bumping and grinding during the chorus!? That said, it was a better video than Beyondroid's "Halo". I'm surprised the Beyondroid didn't do this black and white, bump 'n grind video instead of the extreme close-up camera phone quality shit she wnet with in the end.

It's a down right shame this video is so crap, because I love the song. Hopefully this slap-dash, budget arse video won't hinder the song's chances of chart success.


  1. That video does look damn cheap, but Jen looks great. And I don't know what them dancers are doing. It looks like they're not sure either. I've watched this video a few times based solely on how much I love this song.

    I hope the song does big things!!!


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