Music video: Kanye West - Welcome to heartbreak

That video gave me a damn headache. I like how Kanye tries to come different with his videos, but this shit hurt my eyes and had me fighting back an epileptic fit. I watched it about an hour ago and I'm still seeing spots and flashes. If I wake up tomorrow blind in one eye, I'm suing Kanye, and the dude behind the video. It is a cool concept though. At first I thought it was God awful compression, then it clicked all the pixellating and what not was intentional. I bet this looks really cool in HD.

I guess after Rihanna got taken down by Chris Brown, that "Paranoid" was pulled as the next single. I'm not sure why though. Kanye still could've just gone ahead with the album version. It's not like the song is no good without her. Despite "Welcome to heartbreak" getting itself a video, it will not be the next single. Kanye reported on his blog that "Amazing" will be the 3rd single, but other reports are citing it will be "See you in my nightmares" due to the song already receiving strong airplay. I can't stand the song and I'm tired of Lil' Wayne. The ugly little n***a is everywhere. It's like you can't get away from it. Yes...I referred to Lil' Wayne as "it". I hope the 3rd single ends up being "Amazing", because that song is my shit alongside "Coldest winter".

Plus, I'm personally getting tired of these dreary arse songs. 808s & heartbreak is a hot album. But given Kanye's recent guest appearances and remixes where he's been on point with his rapping and bringing so much energy to the table, 808s & heartbreak just feels boring now.


  1. I LOVE this video (as you probably already know, lol). I too thought the shit was messed up when I first saw it, but I've watched it about 3 times already, and like it more each time. It just feels right for this song.

    I wonder what the video for "Amazing" is gonna be like. With the way Jeezy comes in, I wouldn't be surprised if he put some weird shit in to go along with the weird animal noises and such.

    I really hope it's "Amazing" over "See you in my nightmares", because while I like how hard Kanye comes on that song, I'm with you, I am sick to death of Lil' Wayne. That dude needs to go somewhere and be quiet.


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