Music video: Kumi Koda - Just the way you are

"Just the way you are" is a nice video. Nothing amazing that you'll watch multiple times, but a nice video. You could tell Kumi was wanting to sex it up. She was straddling that carousel horse, throwing her head back and gripping the pole like she was hot for it. I bet the saddle was wet like somebody threw a bucket of water over it after she got off. I'm also shocked that she hadn't touched her hot-dog and fries in the diner scene. I bet Kumi was just waiting to show everybody how she can down a hot dog without chewing it or having the bap touch either sides of her mouth, and how she can chew french fries without using her mouth. Kumi got mad skills. Don't let her demure look in this video fool you for a damn second.

Despite having a music video, "Just the way you are" is not a single. It's purely for promotional purposes. I would say it's a shame - because "Just the way you are" is a great song. But I couldn't see it doing well on the charts, despite it being better than the actual singles that got released off of Trick.

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